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  • We are working on a grant between the Friends of Franklin County State Parks (FoFCSP) and the Florida Department of State to restore the servant’s quarters and mule barn. Grant will also focus on producing additional brochures and other multi-media applications to further interpret these facilities.

  • The FoFCSP purchased two 25’ flagpoles to be installed between the Orman House and the Chapman Botanical Gardens

  • The Orman House and its volunteers are busy creating new planters in the Chapman Botanical Gardens to further tout native Florida flora and plants identified by Dr. Alvin Chapman

  • The rectangular gazebo that was damaged during Hurricane Michael was replaced with a 14’ octagonal gazebo that is more harmonious with the architectural styles found within Apalachicola

  • A preservation project is underway through the state park and the Bureau of Design and Construction to aid the Orman House structure. Items that will be the main focus include replacing the shutters, repairing windows and sills, replacing the roof over the rear section of the house, replacing the HVAC lines underneath the house, moving the accessible ramp to enter the house, repairing handrails and addressing a leak over the Judge’s Chamber room.


  • The FoFCP is paying to get the John Gorrie painting portrait restored. This has been a six-month process but will be well worth the effort and funding to preserve this irreplaceable collection item.

  • The FoFCSP is paying for the restoration of two antique refrigerators. The two items will help the park to interpret the importance of Dr. Gorrie’s discovery of artificial ice and the modernization of modern refrigeration. Additional items are being sought after to showcase the ice industry and especially around Apalachicola and our surrounding area.

  • The park is still working with the Smithsonian Institute to borrow Gorrie’s patent sample for his machine that created artificial ice. We have been working for the last two years to meet their loan requirements by providing relative humidity and temperature readings, increasing our fire and burglary alarm systems, and ensuring we have the right type and amounts of insurance.

  • Additional projects include enhancing the landscaping in and around the Gorrie Memorial and gravesite and preservation of these two areas.


  • Front entrance planter redone. A new entrance sign was installed. We are working on getting some turtle friendly lighting to light this area up all year round. Landscaping will occur in the early spring to beautify this area.

  • Electric and lighting were added to the Youth/Group Camping area restrooms. This area never had power, but a joint effort between the State of Florida and Duke Energy got us the power we needed.

  • Thirteen life ring stations were added to each one of the beach access points within SGISP

  • The FoFCSP purchased a 20-station fitness trail that was installed on the Gap Point Nature Trail. This trail starts at the rear of the campground and goes out 1-mile for 10 stations before you turn around to tackle the other 10 stations

  • 200,000 sea oats and panic grass seedlings were planted recently to help stabilize the dunes and to protect our infrastructure.

  • Two 100’ sections of mobility mats were added at each of the two beach use areas

  • The abandoned boardwalk at pull off #6 will be turned into an astropad/wildlife viewing platform. We continue to tout our dark sky resource and will be building an area for astronomers to be away from any light pollution to give better night sky viewing opportunities. Once this structure is built, we will once again submit our application to the International Dark Skies Organization to be certified as an International Dark Skies Place. There is only one place in Florida with this certification; Kissimmee Prairie State Park in Central Florida.

  • The contractors are almost done rebuilding the boardwalk system along the East Slough Overlook Trail

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